About me

Jimmy White
Singer-songwriter(Alt Country)
BMI. Nashville, Tn.

He has been described as a cross between Kris Kristofferson and Chris Stapleton

Jimmy has been performing for over 25 years and has traveled to over 40 states doing so.  He loves to perform no matter the size of the crowd.  His songs have been described as poetic, soulful and relatable. 
His passion for music is evident through the lyrics of his songs.  His mission is to reach inside the hearts of his listeners and quiet the storms of everyday life. 
His goal is to share his music and spread his message throughout the world.
His hope is that his music will join the airwaves of forever so forthcoming generations can listen and be inspired.

Expect to be captivated, inspired and intrigued.  Jimmy has tapped in to his creative spirit and has figured out how to write songs that connect to his audience.  He is a genuine, hardworking and honest artist, grateful to be part of the world of music!